CryptoMate – an Amazon Alexa Skill for live price cryptocurrency info

Having jumped on the crypto currency bandwagon a couple of months ago, I have just released a nifty Amazon Alexa app CryptoMate that gives you live price information for over 400+ crypto currencies, including favourites such as bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin, ripple, monero, zcash, antshares, stratis, waves and many more.

Just enable the CryptoMate skill on your Echo device and say:

“Alexa, ask crypto mate how much is bitcoin”

or simply

“Alexa, ask crypto mate ethereum”

Alexa will then hopefully reply with something like:

“The current price of bitcoin is 2345.24 dollars”.

Future updates will provide information about market cap, percentage change, conversion into other fiat currencies and much more.

All the price information is pulled from REST API where prices update every 5 minutes. Code is fully open source and can be found on my GitHub repo.

For the full list of supported currencies head over here.

DOWNLOAD the skill from the Amazon Alexa Skill store for free!

You can donate BTC to support this product here: 172Pm6dC9jhEfPxEpnUpcPL7EadSPWYW9U

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